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Make Up & Makeover

She is a specialist in giving a celebrity look with her distinctive vision and a whole lot of glamour. She is well known for her incredible dramatic eye makeup, bridal makeup and hairstyling.

She helps you achieve any look you desire for your special occasions.

Natural Makeup

Krylon, Lakme, Derma. Basic face and eye makeup, no contouring. This type of makeup focuses on enhancing the bride’s naturally sharp features and skin tone. The use of cosmetics is limited and the makeup artist attempt to keep all application subtle and restricted. Also known as Nude Makeup or Minimalistic Makeup; this is a favourite with brides who enjoy subtle and elegant class. Goes best with day weddings and pastel or dark colour bridal attire.

Rs. 2500 - 3,300

Classic party makeup

Brides and the close family; Bridesmaids, Groom’s sister & mother etc attend a range of functions in the 18 months of getting hitched & subsequently married. Party makeups provide a classy lift to the overall appearance of the bride and the close family on the bride & groom side. Makeup Artists on Fab Wedding’s panel provide a range of party makeup looks.

Rs. 3500 - 5500

HD Makeup

HD Makeup is a foundation -based makeup where finer lines on the face, blemishes and other spots are covered whit a slightly thick layer of makeup. This is one of the most popular makeup choices of brides in Delhi, Mumbai & other big cities. Most TV actors also use this type of makeup as it stays stable for longer.

Rs. 15000 - 25000

Side makeups for Family/Guest

Members of the extended family and relatives travelling from other cities and friends are integral part of the wedding festivity. They are always looking for help with regards to hair styling, basic makeup and dress draping. Our makeup artists offer very economical and customised side makeups for family and guests of our brides.

Rs. 4000 - 6000

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